New Venture

For any followers unaware, I have started a new venture: personal philosophical consulting and education.  As the opportunities of the job market shrink during my search–not only the quantity of available jobs, but the strictures, and the worries about an unconventional candidate–it became increasingly clear that the traditional academic path was not one that I should continue trying to tread.  The Enlightenment model of the University is decaying, but the desire and the need for education will exist so long as do humans.  With the emerging digital paradigm, I thought perhaps I could be a frontiersman for a new path.

Thus: Continuum Philosophical Insight.  All future blog posts will appear in a subsection there (The Synechist–named for the idea of continuist philosophy).  I will leave this site operational, and may on very rare occasion post something here, but for the most part, I will focus my efforts at Continuum.


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